Life Before You’re Old Enough to Drive

8 Mar

If only life was as simple as eat, sleep, play, and take a bath.

No not-getting-the-answer- in-school-no-matter-how-hard-you-study. No punctuation. No bad haircuts.  No fights with your brother that you get blamed for. Or worse – he gets blamed, and then who knows how long you’ll have his impending retaliation hanging over your head.

No friends ganging up on you just because you were the last person to get there so now you’re out of step with the in-crowd all day long.  Or worse – you’ve got to be part of the group picking on some poor schmuck whose mom had car trouble so he got there late and misses being attuned to you-all by five minutes.  Tough luck.  You feel lousy for the guy but that’s how the ball bounces. Only in Disney movies do guys have the guts to stick up for somebody.

It not always a lot of fun.  It’s almost never fair.  But that’s life.  And it’s all we’ve got.  Until you drive.  Then you can pick your own radio stations… until you get a girlfriend.


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