The Biggest Scam in the History of Western Civilization

9 Mar

Victory is the biggest scam since Mankind fell out of the trees.

Victory is fleeting, but failure hangs around like an eternally pesky house guest.  You never stay up nights mulling over a tremendous achievement.  But the slightest setback you’ll analyze and re-analyze for hours.  Like a sore tooth your tongue must probe, no matter how painful it feels.

No one pelts you with questions about your victory, especially if you were supposed to win in the first place.  But failure is a never-ending fount of queries.  How come?  Who’s to blame? If you had a do-over what would you change? And are you confident the things you’d change would insure victory?

It’s so hard to take winning seriously.  After all how many victories would have been defeats if there’d been just a little more time on the clock?  Defeat, however, is quite certain.  The buzzer goes off, the critic raves not, the voters say “nay”, and that’s all she wrote.  Defeat stomps on your throat like an ogre cutting off your air supply.

Do we learn anything from victory?  We do not.  We celebrate for half-a-day, then spend the rest of the time worrying about how we can prolong our winning streak.

Victory has wings – but we do not.


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