The Most Powerful Yet Shockingly Stupid Force That Runs Our Lives

10 Mar

What the hell is it with emotions?  In one story after story (especially those involving robots) we are supposed to think how much luckier we are than other animals because we experience emotions.  Like it is some great gift.  But don’t our emotions just get us in a lot of trouble?

Take Anger.  We’re supposed to manage that.  Have slow fuses.  Count to ten.  Somehow focus it so we may channel it in a positive way.

Sadness?  Can’t be too sad too often or it turns everybody off.  Think people on want to date a Sad Sack?  Nowadays, people don’t even know how to be sad. Instead they get angry or depressed.  Nobody wants to hang around someone who’s depressed.  If I listen to how depressed you are one second longer I’ll either get caught up in your depression or I’ll have the urge to hit you with a sledge-hammer.

Happy?  The worst.  If you’re happy it just reminds me how unhappy I am.  But it would be anti-social to respond with that sentiment so I have to pretend to  share in your happiness.  How depressing is that?  The ultimate antidote to your happiness is my trusty sledge hammer but there is a law that forbids that.

So, what do we do with our emotions besides trying to control them or use them in an appropriate manner?  We try to arouse them.  We go to a movie or concert to laugh and cry in a recommended moderate way (emotions are many things but moderate is not one of their main qualities).

So we run around trying to not be controlled by these weird hormonal imbalances. Or we seek them out for some unexplainable reason.  And this is what we lord over all the other animals?  Hunh!

Don’t get me started on falling in love.


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