The Center of the Universe

14 Mar

They had been waiting forever.

While they waited they had been quite busy. They learned many new ways to breathe. They wallpapered, refurnished, and hunted down hundreds of the cutest little tchotchkes for the new visitor’s room. All these pint-sized biblelots seemed to resemble each other in tiny ways – much like a child borrowing characteristics from each parent.

They bought a car seat so the hospital would release the baby (a common-sensical policy but who knew?). They bought a swinging seat so the baby would be lulled to sleep.  They obtained high-chair and rocker.  For good measure they filled the house to the brim with diapers, receiving blankets, Nuk nipples, nursing bras and a vast array of other essentials they had never realized existed.

They read and worried.  They talked and worried.  They went to classes and worried. They worried and worried.  To make sure that they worried enough they got up in the middle of the night and had long worrying talks.

Then, when they were fully prepared (which means not at all), the magic day arrived. With a rush of slippery gunk, pain and a tidal wave of emotions – their visitor arrived.

What was all that worrying about?  Awwwwwwwwwww.


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