A Lovely Wedding

16 Mar

It was a lovely wedding.  The bride, a woman who had never turned one head while walking down the street (except for possibly the groom) was a spring flower in bloom. She carried all our hope for happiness ’til the end of time.

The groom looked quite adequate.  As if we could send him off to work and he’d bring home the bacon well enough.  He wouldn’t put up too much of a fight over how to raise the children as long as he had a boy he could name after his father.

The best man had too much to drink and ran off with the disgruntled wedding coordinator who was in the middle of a life crisis. This delayed the cutting-of-the-cake ceremony for well over half-an-hour.  But the bouquet landed in the lap of the bride’s older unmarried sister so the latter part of the reception was a success.

The hall simply rocked with champagne-inspired dancing long after the newlyweds drove off with the clatter of shoes and tin cans fading into the distance.


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