What Made a Kid in the 50’s Sort of Amazed

22 Mar

Typewriters.  Manual and electric.  Even one that made the typing look like handwriting (My sister may still have one of those).

Ink cartridge fountain pens.  And wooden desks with holes in them for ink bottles (but these were obsolete even when I sat in them).

Mechanical pencils (that needed plungers to make them work).  We had hundreds of these because my aunt worked at a place called Autopoint. They surely don’t make them in America any more.  Maybe Viet Nam.

Record players that needed little plastic inserts that resembled IUDs to allow you to play 45s. Today a 45 is just a high-powered handgun just like the old days (0h, that they kept from being obsolete!).

Cameras with replaceable flash bulbs that hurt your eyes and burned your fingers when you tried to put a new one in.

Phones the size of a breadbox (a breadbox was a … never mind).  You never lost one or forgot it any where.

Cars with a hump in the middle of the back seat and windows you roll down manually (that’s why people still make that motion when they want you to push the button to automatically roll down your window).

Pop rocks.  Oh, wait candy almost never becomes obsolete.

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