The Hardest Working Man in Show Biz If You Don’t Include Doug Besterman

23 Mar

Gut evening, I am the Jef Berm.  That is Jef mit der one “f”.  Show biz life, yes, is very busy, no?  So, if I can save you an “f” den you can get on mit der busy, busy busy-ness that makes you a high mucky muck in der states, yes?  Please, excuse my no good language that is me.  I work very hard on der ESL at city college but also I work hard on Der Big Break.  And sometimes the push comes to the shove and … whatever.

So, in a nutshell, I am from my house to you so I can make der Gross audition for the part of  Spider Boy.  Yes?  Mein agent tells me with der long horse face that maybe there is no Spider Boy but I have der Big Dreams.  I will make it happen.  How do you do that, Jef? I hear you say in my head.  Listen and soon you will say der Ja.

Jef Berm is the Superstar Entertainment Complete.  Jef stands not alone.  He is a crowd in a shirt and pants. Look at der Puppets Extraordinaire: Grouchola, Empress Starlina, Tyrone Jackson Brown who taps mit der clogs and sings mit der yodels.  Chef Boyoboyoboyardee, Sherlock Thedoorundthrowawayderkey, King Crabosaurus and Nicky Demonpants… und

You seem really capable Jef but maybe too talented. I don’t think we have a role that suits you…

Jef  Berm also comes mit der  exclusive world wide rights to the Royal Wedding…

Welcome aboard, Jef!


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