How Men with an IQ of 78 Make It Through Life

24 Mar

Betwixt the two of ’em I don’t know which is the dumber bunny.  I guess the husband is smarter ’cause he married me.  That is the onliest reason that he ain’t been killed by a raccoon or swallowed his own tongue thinkin’ it was a roast beef sammich. And the Boy is cursed with half of his Poppa’s DNA which is a powerful amount of stupid any way you look at it.

The Boy never changes that suit. He’s afraid that he’ll forget how to put it back on his hide and then he’ll be forced to run around like the wolves that most people think raised him.  Betwixt you, me and the lamp post when they voice that supposition I don’t spend half a second dissuading them from that theory.

They have less sense than two dead dodos. One day they got to wrasslin’ and both fell down a well.  They spent hours calling for each other before they realized who they was with.  I was up at the top laughin’ my fool head off since that is just about all the joy I get out of  ’em.

In their defenselessness I have to say they put on a very decent Mother’s Day.  Hot air ballooning in the Napa Valley one year and a complete summer wardrobe from Donna Karan the next. Totally tailored for my slight build.  A nice t0uch no matter what your IQ might be…

Whoops, gotta go.  They just wandered in front of a mirror and got all confused, again. Lord love ’em.


One Response to “How Men with an IQ of 78 Make It Through Life”

  1. Sioux Steinkellner April 30, 2012 at 8:08 PM #

    Very funny post. Still trying to picture Mom/Wife in Donna Karan. Sioux. : D)

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