How An Actor Prepares for a Challenging Role

31 Mar

Mmm’kay,  I am going to put my guts into making this the greatest Salome, ever! First off – technical question.  It says it opens on a moonlit night. Do the lighting people have the right filters for that, because I have a ton of them in the trunk of my Prius?  …

Cool. I have the whole story in my heart already. Now, I get that the most important scene is when she drives her stepfather, the king, into an incestuous frenzy by dancing so he’ll grant her any wish including half of his kingdom, blah, blah, blah. But then her mom gets her to ask for the head of  John the Baptist instead. Is that too weird? …

Ah, traditional.  I get that. But then when she turns down half the kingdom for a bodiless head – does that make her seem like an airhead? … Oh sure, it’s the first century A.D so I guess anything goes…

Mmm ‘kay so I guess the Bible would know.  That’s cool. But in order to sort of beef up my motivation – can you tell me if she has “a thing” for the king?  I know Salome definitely has the hots for J. the Baptist when he’s alive.  But when she sees him in prison he basically gives her the finger, right?  So, is she a bi-otch vendetta girl or a victim of fate? …That seems kind of convenient, but you’re the director.

So while I was meditating a thought came to me – does actually dancing with the severed head weaken her credibility? Or is it more like there’s nobility in madness?  I could buy that.

Finally, what’s the deal with her and her mom that she agrees to not only dance, but has this gross murder performed as a reward?  I know it’s creepy Biblical – but does it come across real?  And if the king is such a weenie that he beheads J the B against his own interests does that make him a loser?  Too much of a loser for Salome? …

Ummm, okay.  One more thing.  Salome does the dance of seven veils which ends up with her being stitch stark naked, right? …

Oh, no, no I have no problem with nudity.  Could we just have my Mom come on the night when the critics aren’t there? … Great, that helps me a lot.

This is going to be such a hoot!


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