Ancient and Future Secrets of Love and Money

4 Apr

Nothing costs you as much in the end as something that is “free”.

You can’t save time, love, honor, respect, or happiness. You can only save money.

Don’t bother looking for trouble.  It knows where to find you.  It even has your password and secret PIN code. (Aren’t people who say “PIN number” being redundant?)

When looking at a house, the owner doesn’t care what you think of his design, landscaping, or even his kids – long as you’ve got the dough-re-mi.

Is it that much better to have your ass kissed than to have to kiss somebody else’s ass? Wouldn’t the world be better if we left all asses other than our own alone?

If homeless folks who “will work for food” just gave away buttons and magnetic book placeholders with their names on them, they, too, might pull in the big bucks like major universities.

Would people still fall in love with a city if it was in the middle of a heat wave or a blizzard?

If your kids like you, you must be doing something right.


One Response to “Ancient and Future Secrets of Love and Money”

  1. Jamie April 5, 2011 at 10:53 AM #

    You have the best phrases. Dough-re-me. Ha.

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