Fame and Fortune is Just Around the Corner in Old New York

7 Apr

“Mr. O’Doul and yours truly are what you may call Purveyors of Possibilities. Am I correct, Mr. O.?”

“Quite, Mr. MacDougal.  But before we let our new friend here in on the stuff dreams are made of, might I trouble you to pass me that flask of  your medicine?  It would help immensely to ward off the nip that seems to be in the air.”

“It would be my honor.  As I was saying, we are risk-takers, American dream-merchants, if you will.”

“Though the black-of-heart and those drunk with the power of the law would smear us as mere con-men.”

“May they rot in Hades for their attempts to steal the bread from the mouths of  decent, hardworking businessman such as ourselves.”

“Indeed.  I despise such men.  No imagination.  No sense of adventure.  Men of the muck-and-mire, with no taste for the air only angels breathe.”

“Agreed.  I could cane them for their insolence.”

“But our clever new friend here – now he looks like a man who has the courage to believe in himself.  Willing to test his eye and brain in the almost-certainty of bringing instant wealth.”

“Most certainly.  So friend, why not try your luck at finding the magic pea under the shell?  You can triple any amount of long-green that may reside inside that pocket of yours.”

“Around and around and around they go… Oh, Mr. O’Doul I think I see Mr. Johnny Law headed our way.”

“Well, that ends today’s demonstration.  Please join us tomorrow for more instant income-generating possibilities near the corner of 47th and Broadway.  Free hot dogs will be provided.”

“Good day, Sir. …  Top o’ the morning, Constable!”


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