Over 33,215 Revolutions of the Earth Ago Blanche Sweet Takes Ten.

8 Apr

Every single person in this photo is dead.  After all it is from 1920.  Even if you were a baby the Grim Reaper would have cut you down by now.  Yep, they’ve all disappeared.  Even the pretty girl dead center.  That’s Blanche Sweet.  She’s a huge  movie star with her own company 0f players.  She’s a very Big Deal.  Little girls want to be her when they grow up.  Husbands in their fantasies drop their wives like a hot potato for her.  Showered with fame and fortune.  She glides through the world like a princess.  Champagne flows like … well nothing flows for normal people it always comes in fits and spurts but life was sweet for Sweet.

Not too long after this picture was taken all the glory slowed to a halt and then stopped.  Stabbed in the back by the Talkies.  Soon all the silent movie stars became as silent off screen as they were on.  Today it would be rare to see a silent movie.  Maybe in a cheap cable commercial or somewhere on You Tube. You’d have to really search for one starring Blanche Sweet.  But that day some ninety-one years ago if you got a chance to see Blanche Sweet, a pioneer of Hollywood Royalty, pausing for a break between scenes that would have been something you could tell your grandkids about.  And now I just did.


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