Air Hostess: A David Lloyd Parody

12 Apr

NOTE: This was written around twenty-five years ago when the late, great David Lloyd glided through the halls of Paramount Studio making his way to consult on one classic comedy show or the other.  Lloyd was a brilliant writer, Dickensian character and a comic force.

The first stage of writing a tv comedy script is the outline.  David wrote outlines in a style like no one else.  This was my attempt to capture his voice.  Boy, I miss him.

Air Hostess: An Outline

Mary is fresh out of Aviation Charm School (maybe some funny flashback stuff of Mary going through basic training. Could be a running bit.  I don’t know – I’ll think of something).  Mary is surprised to see that she’ll be serving under Dagmar, the head air hostess (Thelma Todd would be perfect but the part is so good anyone could play it.  Kathleen Freeman?  Just kidding).

Things are very Rocky (no pun intended, but wouldn’t those kind of grosses be nice?) between the two ladies at first, but by mid-maiden flight it looks more hunky-dory.

Then Captain Wayne puts the old roving eye on our young honey (there’s some dynamite by-play and near horsing around between these very attractive couple of kids – don’t have all the details yet).

Then break-up, crash, spills ‘n chills, high-jacking, that funny cannibal material we couldn’t get into our last script, blah, blah, blah– I’ll have  the draft to you by Tuesday.


One Response to “Air Hostess: A David Lloyd Parody”

  1. Grant Harvey October 27, 2011 at 1:45 PM #

    I’m still waiting on that funny cannibal material

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