The Year That Everyone But You Remembers

13 Apr

Boy, one is a great age to be.

You’ve got your crawling down pat.  Now there’s a whole world of walking ahead of you (full disclosure: You will soon spend most of your time in a car – though you will walk to the car). Up on your feet, you’ll be eye to eye with all that stuff you once had to look up at.  You’ll be able to look down on a few things, too.  Like all those babies who are less than one. Which ain’t half bad.

Before you know it, you’ll be talking.  You’ll see what the heck everyone has been babbling about.  And you’ll be able to babble back but, you know, it won’t sound like babbling.  For a long time they’ll hang on every sound or word that comes out of your mouth.  Then for the rest of your life they’ll try to shut you up.  Go figure.

Not too long after that you’ll learn to read.  Then you’ll be able to hold  the whole universe  in your hand.  And you can read this.

One is fun.


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