The Care and Feeding of Artists

14 Apr

An artist never feels good as we know it.

An artist hates himself for not being able to create.  If she does manage to create, she then hates the work for not being perfect.

An artist is only concerned with questions, never answers.  To pursue an answer is hopelessly bourgeois.

Artists make poor politicians but fairly adequate babysitters (if they don’t allow the baby to wander off a cliff while they are deep in thought).

Never ask an artist what his creation means.  Either he will give you a bloodcurdling look or he’ll explain it to you.  In either case – you’ll be the loser.

Never tickle an artist (especially in the middle of a performance piece involving a flame thrower).

Artists don’t eat food.  Food eats them.

In any given situation, the only one more confused than you is the artist.

The concept of parallel-parking is quite interesting to artists – but election night goes right over their heads.

All teen-agers are artists.  But not all artists are teen-agers.


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