A Lonely Outpost on the Sexual Frontier

21 Apr

Institute of Oral Love, Carly speaking.  What can I do you for?… Sorry, it’s just a cute way of sayin’ “what up”.  So, what up?  …You’ve got your what stuck where? …

Golly, you should hang up and call 911 pronto or sooner… Well, I could send someone but it’s going to cost you a hundred bucks an hour, starting when they put the key in ignition… No, that’s not a euphemism, it’s their car.  Though, I guess I could use it next time my little nieces are over…  No, that’s not a euphemism either.

By the way, shouldn’t you sound like you’re in more pain? … What?  You’re acting and this is all part of your fantasy. Gee, I’m sorry… No, it’s not a terrible fantasy,  it’ s cool – I’m just a little slow today.  Hell, I’ve had a whole burly fireman  with a Russian accent fantasy going since high school. Sorry I messed it up for you. …

Tell you what – pretend this call never happened and I’ll send Crystal over for you.  She just dropped out of nursing school.  No extra charge. Cheery bye…

Institute of  Hey watch your language, Creepo! This is a place of business.  You wanna talk like, that you have to call the 4433 number. Buck ninety-eight a minute. … 

Oh, no offense taken.  Cheery bye.  Have a love filled day!



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