The Most Fabled Career in the Theater Ever… If You Don’t Count Doug Besterman

3 May


Forbidden Follies of 1907

Hinky Goes A’courting (With Dabs Finlayson)

Love and the Widder Carstairs

Beelzebub!: A New Hot Jazz Musicale

Skidoo, Skidee, Skedaddle with Me (In Association with Al Capone Enterprises)

Tragical, Magical, Panamericanagical Folks (Introducing the High Stepping Hooligans)

1066: A Musicale of the New Millennium

The Iddy Biddy Baby Boy (Stepped in the week before New Haven try-out and entirely reimagined Acts I and III)

Forbidden Follies of ’47  (With Dabs Finlayson Jr.)

The Love Route: A Revival  (With half of the original cast.  Run shortened due to New York Newspaper strike)

Rage of the Misbegotten (Originally Good Ol’ Lonesome Larry)

Happy Pants

I See London, I See France (Run abruptly terminated due to Boston “blue laws”.)

Hey Nonny, Nonny and a Ha Cha Cha (Formerly Guildenstern!)

Forbidden Follies of ’87 (With D. Scott Finlayson III)

Scrubs– The TV Show: A  3-D Musical

If Lincoln Had Lived: A Staged Reading (In Association with Beverly Hills High School and the Finlayson Foundation)

NeNe — A Real Housewife of Hot ‘Lanta: The One Woman Show (Not my fault.)

Hot Pursuit: The Bin Ladin Story (Broadway 2013.  We finally have a great Act III.)


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