I-pods, Skype, I-pads and Stealth Bombers Aside

4 May

The graduating class of 1912 in all its glory. 

Kids still wondered who was going to the prom with who.

There was a class clown.

There was a heart throb.  (Though his hair might have been longer and slicker.)

There was a prom queen.  She lived next door.  She wasn’t going to the prom with you.

There was a guy who knew everything you could possibly get out of a book but little else.

There was the richest kid in class.

There was the poorest kid.  (It was a little easier being the poorest kid then but it is never easy.)

Somebody’s dad died while they were young.

Somebody was raised by their grandparents for some reason or another.

Some kid was just plain mean for no good reason.

One kid had everything go his way whether he tried hard or not.

Another kid was a loser no matter what he tried to do.

One kid became a cop.

Another kid went to jail if he was lucky enough not to get killed trying to get there.

One girl broke hearts just by strolling by.

Another had her heart broken once a week.

All these kids will be  in the class of 2012.

And in the class of 3012.


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