Forbidden Jokes in the Post bin Laden World

9 May

Funny things come and go. 

Sometimes Americans are so busy we only have time to be serious about our agendas.  And, of course, immediately after 9/11 nothing was funny.  That is, until Mayor Giuliani went on SNL to say it was okay to laugh again (btw – I don’t think he could ever get elected President; I had to look up his name to see how it’s spelled and that can’t be a good sign). Inspired by the above trade-card the following is a list of joke subjects that have disappeared into oblivion.

Tricking old people to the point of hurting them.

Polish jokes (which actually hung on longer than black, Jewish, and other ethnic slamming).  A number of these have changed slightly, to become dumb blonde jokes (Scandinavians, Canadians and the French are still fair game – and Switzerland, of course, if you’ve got a killer punchline with the words “cuckoo clock” in it).

Women driver jokes (pretty much any jokes with women, since they control the purse strings in this, the good ol’ USA.  Dumb blonde jokes about women drivers are possibly okay because the only real blondes are from…?  Very good class– Scandinavia!

Drunk jokes. Nothing funny about drunk-driving.  Nothing funny about alc0holism (this proven forever by the alcoholism episode of The Jeffersons we did.  A very unfunny week). The bummer of this is – I do a pretty good drunk.  Not great, but it gets laughs.  Now that that is gone from my arsenal what next – I can’t be mean?

Handicap jokes.  No brainer.  Just wrong.  What –  it’s not challenging enough without some doofus making fun of you?  But this means no joker can walk funny or talk funny.  Even if you aren’t insulting people, they might think you are.

Vomit jokes. Unfortunately, this really unfunny condition is still A-OK within the movie industry.

Fat jokes. Because people responsible for their condition unless  they are a big stupid white executive.  Then, you know – fair game.

No bin Laden jokes. Too soon.

This leaves only rich white guys and pointy-headed nerds.

Comedy writing – one tough town just got tougher.


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