The Most Dangerous Pursuits in the World

10 May

The following activities appear to be fun but are really quite painful.  Avoid them at all costs.

Skiing on your bare feet. –Why else would you see so many old guys with limps?

Snow skiing. — As a loved one explained it to me –“you fall down a lot and get wet and cold”.  Plus there is that instant death aspect that comes into play more than one would think.

Ice skating– Similar to snow skiing plus ice is harder than snow when you fall.  And where else do you get ankle burns?

Car chases — Unless you’re the police you end up with your face smashed into the sidewalk as they snap the cuffs on. And shockingly poor gas mileage no matter what stolen car you are driving.

High heels — You should look a whole lot better for the agony they dish out.

Walking the supermodel runway — That slouchy walk has to be horrible for your spine and you do it in high heels.

Olympic diving — Monumental belly flops, whacking the board on the way down during practice and sometimes even the dreaded smacking your skull in front of a panel of international judges.

Ballet — After years of demanding, perfectionist, torturous practice and walking around in permanent tip-toe posture you are washed up at eighteen.  (Also see gymnastics.)

Eating a chocolate donut and washing it down with a Starbucks iced soy green tea latte.  (Sorry, that’s for a different list entirely.)


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