Creating a New Religion with No Money Down and 512 Easy Payments

11 May

These are the absolute infinite laws of Cosmocracy as put forth by OM Cherenzi-Lind, his Highness Prince, and Maha Chohan, Spiritual Director.  Further illumination may be found in the following highly reputable publications, Spiritual Renaissance,The  Cosmic Voice, Cosmogram, and L’Appel Spirtituel:

No man is an island but quite a few are peninsulas and should act accordingly (breaking no laws of Cosmocracy in this pursuit, of course).

The entire Cosmos (including the now demoted planet of Pluto) is conspiring against you, so one must be vigilant whether awake or asleep.

The greatest threat to all is disrespect.  Slightly less threatening are poorly-thought-out religions.

Regenerate humanity at all costs (if the choice becomes whether to save all humanity or a helpless little kitten, remember our belief is not called “Kittenocracy”).

Avoid sweets and fried foods.

The Flag of Love, Mercy, and Compassion may be displayed with the Sacred Flag of Humanity but only if they are kitty-corner from each other.  They must never be mounted next to each other. (This may seem like a no-brainer but oh the knock down, drag out battles we have had in committtee meetings.)

All tenets of Cosmocracy are perfect and absolute unless changed by a majority vote of the International Executive Committee of Idealists, Students, Workers, Artists, Professionals, and Homefolks.

Addendum: The exact population of Cosmocrats can not be determined at this time but anecdotally we believe it to be in the billions.  Any inquiries regarding starting a chapter in your neighborhood must be accompanied by a letter of heartfelt sentiment and a check for two thousand (2,000) dollars.


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