Time Travel: The Hard Way

16 May

Time is an invisible river. It flows by, around and through us all. Sometimes it ambles.  Sometimes it rushes. It cascades and gets all boiled up. Rarely does it seem to stand still.  Mostly it moves like a cosmic Mississippi carrying the whole universe along with it.

You can barely see where it came from.  There is a bend to where it is going so you can’t see that either.  All you can do is try to measure it.  You can dip a clock or a watch or an hour glass into it but you give up pretty soon.

It’s unseeable like the wind or thought.  Or love. You can’t seem them.  You can only see their effects.  Time has the greatest effect.  It slows us down, limits us and leaves deep grooves in our flesh.  Like the wind passing through the desert. If we are lucky it leaves us a little wiser.

Not much time has gone by since I started this.  But a some is gone.  And each little bit adds up until it goes whirling and crashing and waterfalling into infinity.  Snaking its way toward the great Unknown.  The invisible river of God.

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