The Guy Who Was Cooler Than the Iceberg That Sank the Titanic

17 May

Almost one hundred years ago an iceberg ripped open the largest passenger steamship in the world, the Titanic. That iceberg was a cold force. But who was cooler than that berg?  Ray Danton.

Ray was tres’ cool. He’s a bullet of ice in a sharkskin suit. He’s a frosted glass begging for a martini. He’s that first cold breeze on a dying summer day in September that tells you winter is on the way.

He was poison for women that they couldn’t resist.  Her friends would point out the skull and crossbones on the package but it didn’t matter.  All she saw was that cool stream of smoke and those killer eyes.

What you never heard of him? (And, of course, your twenty-five year old assistant doesn’t watch black and white movies so forget her.)  Okay, let’s say you haven’t. (Which makes you not cool in my opinion. Unless you don’t care. Which is cool.)

Ray’s got all the vital stats.  Ray– cool name.  Italian — coolest nationality outside of African-American.  And he’s from the coolest decade, the late fifties to the early sixties.  They had no time to be cool in the decades before that and they tried too hard to be cool in the decades that followed.

So, Ray Danton, coolest guy in the coolest decade.  More proof?  Just look at this picture.  He’s about to flick a half smoked cigarette in the photographer’s face.  Like ice, baby.


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