An Actress so Gutsy She’s Not Afraid of the Stage Manager

20 May

“Pilar is a survivor, no?  Not one of those wretched bug-eating nobodies but a genuine artiste. I have endured and I live.  More important – I work.  Battered, maybe? Scarred, but better than scared.  No one sees me as a loser.  Even when I play a loser you don’t see the loss, you see the soul. ”

Pilar lights a cigarette off the one she has just finished.

“It has been no walk in the park with George or anyone else for Pilar.  Too many in the glorious arena that is the acting profession are heartless guttersnipes.  They will stab you in the back while you are bent over during the curtain call.  Bah!

Pilar flicks off an incredibly long ash into a fake plant.

“I’ve seen them all.  The poor superstar, so frail in her seat on the private jet that she has to tuck her hands in her sleeves to show that deep down she is just a poor little orphaned waif. The bright and shiny good girl, mean as a cornered rat, tying her Shirley Temple bow while she plasters on her butter-melting smile.  The one with the cat’s eyes who steals your boyfriend while you’re trying to sweet-talk the stage manager into letting her keep her job.”

Pilar takes a long drag and transforms what is left of her cigarette into a memory.  She kills the pack and lights her last smoke with a very expensive lighter monogrammed with the initials P. A.

And of course, the dumb-bunny who bats her eyes at writer. Pffah! The stage manager, sure. The director, one must. Even the money-producer.  It’s not called  Show-Art, you know? But no one shtups the writer!  And yet, everyone does. It’s a show biz maxiom.  Wait a second…

Pilar crushes her cigarette on the floor.

“You’re the writer!  Why the hell am I talking to you?   I’m sorry that didn’t come out so good…  Pilar needs more lines.”


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