Ancient Mystic words from a Jolly Multi-Handed Elephant

30 May

  “Hello friends! Much gladness in knowing you now and forever.  And before forever.  And after forever.  But no time in the not now time if you are of the not now time.

“Bliss is yours. It is hiding in your heart like a small child playing hide-and-go-seek. Sometimes it goes into your eyes first and there is joy water like rain with the sun still shining. Sometimes there is sadness and it passes.  Or it doesn’t.  No matter.  For the bliss is always there in your heart and your lungs.  You will find it in a spot near the center of the head but up a little higher than most people think.”

“There is laughter up your sleeve near the part where you would get tickled if you don’t keep a sharp eye peeled.”

“Anger is stuck in the shoulders. It can be quite unstoppable like a bull with its tail on fire.  See how people’s shoulders are when they approach you.  Don’t mess with them if steam is coming from the shoulders and neck.”

“If steam is coming from somewhere else on the person it is time to make the babies pronto. Yippie-kai-yay-kai-oh!”

“Sleep is in the legs. If no sleep is present, walk till the legs are snoring and then lie down.  Dreams will come.”

“All dreams are good.  The good are good no matter what. The bad are what would be bad if they were not dreams.  But they are so be happy.”

“Sing every day even if the children mock you.  What do they know?  A few years ago they couldn’t even do the Busy-box.  Throw water on your face and hair. Make up a religion.  This will make God laugh.  And maybe you, too.”

“Good-bye friends!”


One Response to “Ancient Mystic words from a Jolly Multi-Handed Elephant”

  1. Liza Cranis February 28, 2013 at 11:37 AM #

    Wise words indeed, oh great Master Steinkellner.

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