The Love Quandry

7 Jun

Love is discovered in many ways.

When your baby comes out into the world, even with all that bloody gunk all over her you fall in love. Or love at first sight when you abandon your old life so you can madly launch into a whole new world with someone you know nothing about.  You meet somebody on a bus in the middle of nowhere. Some friend-of-a-friend introduces a friend-of-a-friend and suddenly you’re on a merry-go-round.  A moving van blocks your driveway.  You look over your cubicle at the never-ending-job-from-hell and the hallelujah chorus breaks out.

It always seems odd to me when people get upset with anyone who has fallen in love with the wrong person. It is inappropriate or inconvenient or unseemly, or un-a million other reasons. It hurts other people’s feelings (but really what are feelings for, if not to be hurt?). But I don’t think the person who discovers love in their heart has a choice.  It’s as if they’ve been shot with Cupid’s arrow or had the juice of a magical flower dropped in their eyes. From that moment on they’re a goner.

Everyone who falls in love is like the young cowboy in the song, Streets of Laredo –  the one who falls in love with the cantina girl. She causes two deaths.  She isn’t in love with either cowpoke – yet there they lay lifeless in the dust of Laredo.

For all our scientific studies there is still no better theory of love discovered than the myth of Cupid.  The one thing we do know with all of our light-speed communication is this: Whether it’s love or mere infatuation, never tweet risque pictures of yourself to anyone.

That is risky behavior.


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