The Best Damn Stuff in the Whole Wide World.

10 Jun

Note: This card is from a British movie called “Red Wagon”.  I found the title inspiring.

Your little red wagon.

The tricycle that you turned upside down so you could spin the front wheel so you could play peanut vendor.  (This surely has gone the way of the Edsel and the buggy whip.)

Playing tag with the guys while your Mom calls you from the back porch.

Reading Harry Potter before anyone else.

When your team comes all the way from behind.

The Dos Pueblos Improv Troupe (And by reverse heritage, of course, Instaplay!)

Hearing the laughter and applause from an audience for something you wrote.

Making a big sand castle until a big wave hits it.

A baby looking at his mother’s face.

Being in a room full of stressed out, exhausted writers when the perfect punch-line just pops into your head.

Glancing up at the night sky and seeing a shooting star out of nowhere.

Being right in the middle of a great book.

The harvest moon through the pines.

Watching your “baby” command the stage.

Surprising anybody.

A long boring discussion about the legal problems of a creative project. (Sorry, wrong list entirely.)

The late afternoon sunlight in Santa Barbara.

Greetings from Bill. (At least for me.)

“Five Steinys in one room!”


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