Don’t Look Now but Isn’t That guy on the Horse, the Grim Reaper?

13 Jun


“You hear about Death last night?”

“No, I watched Colbert and then hit the sack.”

“Oh man, Death got all crunked.”

“No shit?”

“Word to heart.  He got all blitzed on hooch or ecstasy or somethin’.”


“Yeah, right.  So, he 86ed some toddler who was like three with no medical history or nothing.  The little bugger just punked out right in the middle of a bowl of Trix. That’s all she wrote.”


“Then get this.  A guy named Snake Sinclair.   Mean guy. Biker.  Real piece of crap. Drivin’ home pissed to the teeth.”

“So, death sends the dude to oblivion?”

“Not even close.  Just a couple of bruised ribs.  But the EMT bought it while he was driving the guy to the E.R.  Sweet guy, too.”

“That’s horrible.”

“I hear ya but don’t blame the messenger.  It’s all Death’s fault.  Charging around on that crazy-ass horse of his.  He’s a cold bastard especially when he’s coked out.  Plus, he’s been pretty hair-triggered ever since those Navy Seals nailed Osama bin Ladin before he got there.”

“Well, I am definitely stayin’ outta his way.”

“Holy crap here comes Death.”

“Aaaaaaah, where, where?”

“Nowhere.  I’m just yankin’ your chain.”

“Sometimes, you can be a real asshole, Anxiety.”


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