A Quarter Century of Fatherdom: Year Zero.

15 Jun

 Dad holding happy, naked gurgling baby who has just spit up all over his shirt and peed on his new slacks.

Dad rocking way over-tired baby with carefully measured gentleness.  Deep inside him there is a demon hissing and raging through the lowest depths of hell.

Dad wandering through the Beverly Center with the pinkest of diaper bags slung over his shoulder.  The goofy dad of sit-coms in the flesh.

Dad putting on spiffy clothes to wear to the office. Dad picking up the baby to put her in her car seat. Dad rushing back inside to change his clothes.

Dad seeing his baby for the first time.  Do they use special lenses in the movies to make them look so much better?

Dad hearing his baby say  her first “Da-da”. His heart bursts into flames.


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