How Team Steinkellner Doesn’t Spend Its Free Time.

17 Jun

Note: No member of Team Steinkellner was kept from their many creative pursuits to make this photo.  Unlike most pictures like this these outfits are what everyone really wore to the beach.  This photo is printed on a metal plate. It is probably a hundred years old.  And yes, that is a fake ocean shore behind them.

We don’t go to the beach much.

We don’t dine out at fancy-schmancy places unless we are trying to impress somebody (so we don’t eat at fancy-schmancy places).

I can’t remember the last time we went skiing (oh, that’s right — never).

We have never gotten around to attending a political rally. But we did have a very small victory party for somebody who got elected to the school board, once.

We don’t go on three-day shopping sprees.  Though the number of packages that have been Fed-ex’d or UPS’d over the years might add up to 72 hours of materialistic pursuit.

We don’t venture out to country or farm (Ever?  I’dhave to look it up on the calendar.  We do look things up on the calendar.  Well, a certain curly-headed dynamo who lives here does).

We don’t go to bars (at least I don’t.  If anyone else does they never talk about it).

We don’t go to rock concerts — if they’re even called that anymore (so, we aren’t Kiss fanatics or Deadheads.  Big upside: all the money we’ve saved on overpriced t-shirts over the years).

We don’t run 5Ks, 10Ks, mini-marathons, marathons or Iron Men events.

We don’t go to church every Sunday.

We don’t buy old houses and rehab them.

Yet somehow we manage to stay pretty busy.


One Response to “How Team Steinkellner Doesn’t Spend Its Free Time.”

  1. Liza June 1, 2013 at 8:46 AM #

    Us too except for the rock concerts (and those t- shirts) yet we stay busy and poor at the same time! Oh and I guess we’re happy. 😉

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