The Greatest Singing Quartet until the British Invasion.

24 Jun

Jack Thomas was the spark plug of the quartet. (If you read the promo material you’d swear that was Lester Bartlett’s role. But if you put stock in what Jack claimed, “Mr. Bartlett just drives the bus, makes home-made grilled cheeses and goes out on the beer run”.) Jack Thomas was hampered in his explosive forward thinking energy only by his tendency to be what might be called a “chain drinker.”

Lester Bartlett had formed the group.  He picked out the formal duds that set them apart from their peers.  He had musical arrangements imported from Europe and the Far East.  He ate, slept and drank the Harvards.  Thus the rumor of his lack of spark plugability cut him so deeply. But truth to tell where there’s smoke…

Wirt Phillips was the consummate lady’s man. ( Lester Bartlett never regretted being mistaken for him because of this. Plus, Wirt was a better singer.) Wirt had been known to make women swoon just by giving an odd little tug on his tie or flicking his tongue at the corner of his mustache when the group did their encore of  “Not Even the Harvest Moon Can Fill the Hole in My Heart Upon Seeing You with Another”. 

Jewell Boyd was a man’s man.  But in spite of his overwhelming manliness he still liked a lovely book of verse, flower arranging, shopping for fine furniture, and dressing up as heroines of the Bible for Halloween. He never found the right person to be Mrs. Jewell Boyd so he remained a life long bachelor.







One Response to “The Greatest Singing Quartet until the British Invasion.”

  1. Brojts/SiLsjs June 24, 2011 at 9:04 PM #

    Sue/I have started reading all of these—I would like to think that
    maybeyou’d have a story for each of our birthdays.
    Your writing seems to be improving—-BroJTS

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