Household Name Corpse at the Green Parrot Inn: A Solve It Yourself Mystery

29 Jun

Note: Reverse side reads– This “Chicken Dinner Place” belongs to my nephew and niece, Howie and Mary Toothman of Kirkwood, Mo.


Duncan Hines was deader than a donut. He wouldn’t be reviewing anybody’s restaurant any more. Now, the worms would be reviewing him. One thing for sure he had made himself many an enemy at a ton of eateries on Route 66.

No matter how you dubbed his demise, the crime scene wasn’t a pretty sight. Not that most things that roll out of a roadside kitchen are very fetching until they pretty it up with sauces and such just before plonking it in front of the clientele.

But this little deadly tableau was definitely muy malo. Duncan’s back had been poked with a fork so many times it looked like Sarasota Springs with ketchup. His face had been squashed inside a pie shell that was two sizes too small for the job. And just to make sure that he never made it to his night cap rendezvous at the Kit Kat Klub he had been deboned.

Now, the case was in my lap. My name is McCanna.  I’m an ex-cop … and the busboy.


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