How Bill Steinkellner Came to Earth: A Speculative Tale of the Origins of Team Steinkellner

30 Jun

The Chicago World’s Fair AKA The Century of Progress opened in 1933. Sally Rand, the Fan Dancer (You had to be there but it was hot for entertainment at the time) and Judy Garland were there. Even the German airship, the Graf Zeppelin flew overhead.  According to family tradition it is also where my parents met.

I don’t know how they met but they both liked to dance so perhaps it was on this Dance Floor over the ice pond in the Black Forest Village as pictured here. Heck, they might even be in that crowd.

Did he see her across the chilly floor and think what the hell?

When he asked her did she think “what the hell”?

Did she snuggle close because it was cold outside and did he get the wrong idea? (But then she felt sorry for him and so she let him think that she liked him more than she really did?)

Was she there with her girlfriend who was sort of on the plump side and so my dad had to get a buddy to talk to her friend while he tried to get my mother’s attention?

Is my existence, as well as my three brothers and two sisters, dependent on my daddy being able to talk one of his doofussy friends into engaging in idle chatter with some chubby girl who smells of too Jungle Gardenia? (Decades into the future are my unborn children cheering on this most cliche of situations.)

What if my mother had missed her bus and somehow arrived three hours later when my father is off having a hot dog as the shadow of the Graf Zeppelin passes by?

What if my dad had pulled a muscle bowling the night before and never got to the Fair?

What if organizers had decided that Cleveland was a hell of a lot better place for a Fair?

Or was it like I’ve always believed?  Kismet.



3 Responses to “How Bill Steinkellner Came to Earth: A Speculative Tale of the Origins of Team Steinkellner”

  1. Bro Tom July 1, 2011 at 4:49 AM #

    Shouldn’t it be
    Kis(S WHEN THEY) met…….. not Kismet….

    Wait they were both Catholic never mind….
    Hey do you ever remember them Kissing????
    Wait a minute… You were a small catholic boy and wouldn’t have looked.


  2. Peg July 1, 2011 at 12:27 PM #

    Okay . . . . now, by popular demand, Team Steinkellner, the musical! Take it away Bill!

  3. Rachel July 1, 2011 at 1:37 PM #

    Is that really how they met – at the World Fair?? As you know, my mother does not speak of your parents or her childhood at all so we really have no clue about anything until my dad came into the picture.


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