The Mist or What L.A. Might Be Like if It Snowed More Often.

1 Jul

Based on an idea from a then 7 year old, Kit Steinkellner.

Once upon a time in Los Angeles everyone woke up to a mist that covered the land. It was as if a fine white show hung in the air.  Whiter than a nurses cap.  Whiter than cotton candy.  Whiter than a star.

None of the children could go to school. None of their parents could go to work. You couldn’t go anywhere so you just played indoor games with your family.  Like the second act of a great sit com idea hilarity ensued.

Then one day, after what seemed like a very long but lovely time, (though it was hard to judge the passing of time during the Big Mist as it came to be called)  the mist lifted. Vanished. Gone. Vamoosed. Like a dream you wake up from in the middle of the night that you can’t exactly recall the next morning.

Gone but not forgotten. The state had been magically transformed. The air was as clean as an old 7 Up commercial. The sky was as blue as a Greek myth.  Everything vibrated with an energy that made you want to work and play at the same time.  It made you as happy as a mariachi band.  And it stayed that way forever.

MORAL: Why let a mist do what we can do ourselves?


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