Born on the Fourth of July — KNS Turns Four

4 Jul


Note: This story was written in 1994. I read it at her Bat Mitzvah. The card is from 1907 when my father would have been three years old.

She loved Barbies, stickers, jump rope and The Simpsons. (Though, not always in that order her priorities shifted from day to day and season to season like the New York Times best seller list.)

She loved candy, cookies, toy stores and Christmas. (Though, Hannukah was dearly beloved. Mostly due to its lovely Jewish tradition aspect but certainly the eight days of presents was also quite nice.)

She loved her birthday with a passion that rivaled Romeo’s for Juliet.  She started planning her next party the day after her old birthday had expired. She’d roll the ideas for it around in her head as carefully as an old jeweler who has been given access to the Crown Jewels.

She loved presents great and small.  For an occasion or not. Slight or momentous. And she was so effusive in her gratitude at even the smallest of gifts that the giver felt as if he had been given a present in return.

She could double-Dutch jump rope, make witch’s fingers with her nifty double-jointed digits and scare the bejesus out of her little brother any time she wanted. Her name was Katherine Nora Steinkellner and she was an American girl.


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