The Kid Who is Tucked Away Somewhere in Your Heart

6 Jul

Dreaming away a long summer that stretches as far as the blue, blue sky.

Whirling around  so fast you nearly get sick. Spinning, spinning until earth grabs you and knocks you to the ground, your head still going ’round. A blink of rest and you’re up and at it again.

Doing herky- jerky ninja moves they’d never be crazy enough to try in a movie, on the first day of the rest of history.

Concentrating like a maniac on the  made-up  So You Think You Can Dance pattern as you glide down the sidewalk, not missing a puddle, the whole way to school.

Belting a woefully off-key National Anthem that sounds perfect to you and heartbreakingly beautiful to one of the adults.

Laughing till milk comes out of your nose and your stomach feels like it’s been through a meat grinder.

Selling your soul for a piece of candy (“Not that one, you dropped it on the floor… okay, okay that one.”).


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