Ten Ways to Accessorize A Grey Cat

8 Jul

A grey cat with a slightly melted vanilla cone and rainbow sprinkles.

A grey cat curled around a newly brushed black top hat.

A grey cat with a litter of variously striped kittens.

A grey cat with a crisp white love letter.

A grey cat in the lap of your second grade teacher but only if she hasn’t aged a day since then.

A grey cat that stares into an ancient crystal ball that is entirely bereft of visions.

A grey cat with a halo of dying sunlight.

A grey cat laying atop a pile of Archie and Jughead comics.

A grey cat with enough mylar to start  your own bad Vegas lounge act.

A grey cat with another grey cat pointedly ignoring each other.

One Response to “Ten Ways to Accessorize A Grey Cat”

  1. Sioux Steinkellner August 11, 2011 at 7:09 PM #

    loved this! Reminds me of Oak park when you were the genius writer in residence
    .and you gave me a beautiful kitten, Cametti, son of Blanche!

    :). Lol. Sioux

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