How to Become the Next Houdini

11 Jul

For the great part of the endeavor it had gone quite smashingly.  The waif he had hired to hand out flyers was quite fetching. The flyers had been painstakingly done by hand.  The hand belonged to his bride-to-be.

The crowd was very good for a Wednesday morning before a holiday week-end. Some said it rivaled the size of the one gathered for Enrico Riggio’s dive off the London Bridge.  Sad that.

Mr. Escape’s spiel had gone quite nicely.  It left an electric buzz in the air so cherished by performers, everywhere.

A random stevedore had tested the knots to the satisfaction of all. Just before his head disappeared into the heavy cloth bag Mr. E. noticed how shroud like the material seemed. And with that the  game was on.

Once plunged into darkness he found that the exact blueprint for regaining his freedom had completely flown out of his head. The air in the sack rapidly became stale and then near suffocating. He strained with mind and body.  He squirmed like a worm on a hot-plate. Nothing. No escape. No dazzling leaps out to  shock one and all.  No pie in the sky dreams realized. Boos and catcalls rained down upon him.

The bag grew absolutely still.  His wife cut the ropes. Mr. Escape slunk off into the gathering darkness.

The crowd dispersed.  Except for young Erik Weisz, the future Harry Houdini, who stood there inspired and electrified.

One Response to “How to Become the Next Houdini”

  1. Harry July 11, 2011 at 11:37 AM #

    AWESOME! More Houdini

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