The Power of “Or”: A Team Steinkellner Vintage Story

13 Jul

Note: To have Hannukah in this story means to sing a Hebrew prayer as you light the Hannukah candles.  After this you get a present.

“You could go to the movies and see Beauty and the Beast with Daddy in an hour. Then you could come back here and make Hannukah cookies. Then we’ll have Hannukah.”


“Or we could go to Temple. A different Temple than the one you go to at school. This Temple has Hannukah crafts and projects and a Hannukah show. Then you’d come home and have Hannukah.”


“Or you could go with me to the mall.  We could go shopping for the two boys and you could get one tiny toy at the toystore. Then we could come home and have Hannukah.”


“Or we could tell stories of how our ancestors celebrated Hannukah. We could draw pictures and make figures out of Play-doh that would help us understand the Festival of Lights a little better. Then later we’ll have Hannukah.”

“What was that first idea, again?”


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