A Director’s Notes Before the Invention of Multi-camera

15 Jul

Emile is telegraphing the assault on Jules by shifting his eyes a beat before he plunges the knife into his chest.

Jules fall backwards from the knife attack is way too stagey. At next rehearsal make the entire cast do the falling backwards trust exercise. This will insure that Jules gets it right without singling him out for embarrassment.

Mary’s anguished cry is so up stage  it is only half heard.  Plus she blocks her look of half-surprise, half-anger from the left side of the audience. Have her cheat the look more and double her voice projection.

Why is Hansie still on stage?!  He should have exited before the line “Die, die a thousand times, die, you cur.” If he is still on stage at this moment the entire denouement is totally blown.

This set design is brutal.  But I’ve been informed that we’re stuck with it. I don’t know…  Fresh flowers?

One less bucket of make-up, please? Remind everyone that this is a Le Claire play — not Kabuki or the circus!




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