The Negotiation that is Far More Difficult than Raising the National Debt.

18 Jul

We want lots more chunkies and juice. (And FYI  they are called chew – not chewed beyond recognition- toys.)

We want to go out as soon as you get up.  Not after coffee making, shaving and a swig of juice out of the carton.

We want to lick your legs as long as we want to.  The flavor lasts longer than chewing gum which is something that we have heard about but are never allowed to have for some reason.

Every sock is our sock.  The end of the couch near the pillow also belongs to us.

We are too old to learn to sit. Don’t make us do it.  It’s a stupid trick. Isn’t it enough that we run around barking like maniacs any time someone gets within a hundred yards of the front door?

We don’t want to make sissy and doody in the rain.  Would you?

We don’t want to do shows in which we are moved around like puppets so your friends can think how clever you are.  For the record we don’t speak in high pitched voices like men pretending to be girls.

We have one name.  Don’t make up hundreds of cute nicknames for us.  This just confuses us.

When we roll in something disgusting don’t rush us into the bathtub and scrub us.  What is up with that anyway?

Don’t take any of this wrong.  We love you to bits and would climb a mountain of broken glass just to lick your legs.

Hey, let’s negotiate this over some kibble that makes its own gravy?


One Response to “The Negotiation that is Far More Difficult than Raising the National Debt.”

  1. linda norys hiser July 19, 2011 at 7:21 PM #

    one of my favorites, and I have quite a few favorites

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