How it Feels to be a Gary Baseman Cartoon Character in Real Life

21 Jul

Pictured here is Fred McMurray, most known for My Three Sons but can be best appreciated in the brilliant Double Indemnity (Netflix it ASAP). The girl is an anonymous fan. (God must love them, he made so many of them.)  In the background is Paramount Studios where Cheers was written and produced.  I spent ten happy years in that very building.

Her heart was bursting, pounding.  Almost exploding out of her chest. Like the first twenty seconds of the birth of the universe. Her brain is on fire. Her blood is abuzz with bells, whistles and skyrockets. If this moment lasts any longer she’ll jump out of her skin like a character in a Gary Baseman cartoon.

Fred casually signs his autograph, smiling all the while.  A smile like the Sun King on the day of his coronation.

Decades later the autograph will show up on E-bay for eight bucks plus free shipping. But Fred’s not a celeb on Dancing with the Stars so no one will bid on it.


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