Why Some Men Should Never Stop Looking Over Their Shoulder

22 Jul

He thought he could drink away her fortune. He thought he could embarrass her in restaurants with loud threats. He thought he could empty her bank account buying jeweled trinkets for his little indiscretions. And maybe he was right because it happened time and again.

That night he had never been uglier. He told her she dressed like an old crone.  That she had let her body “go all to hell, for chrissakes.” He said that her mother was much sexier than she’d ever been.  Then he got a sly look on his face like the boy who lied about taking the last slice of cake. It was the look she had seen work on women that he noticed while they were out together.   The looks he exchanged with them let her know that later he’d be leaving to “catch up on a little work at the office”.

At dinner, when she questioned his wearing a dark blue tie with a black suit, he became furious. He slapped her.  Then he pinned her arms behind her with one hand and slapped her harder.

When they returned home she walked upstairs as if under heavy sedation. She went to where she knew he kept his gun. It was under some socks that she had mended while waiting up for late for him. She pressed the cool metal against her forehead. Then with her brain almost exploding with redness, she changed her mind. She turned the gun on him.

She caught the first train out of town.  Her bag rested where he would have sat.




One Response to “Why Some Men Should Never Stop Looking Over Their Shoulder”

  1. linda norys hiser July 23, 2011 at 7:48 AM #

    cinema noir in a postcard. Wow!

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