Team Steinkellner Presents: Rent-a-Family.

27 Jul

It has become apparent to Team Steinkellner Social Networking and Blogging Industries that there is a niche in America that is being left unserved.  It is the only child. This poor soul has been born to parents who delayed raising a family until you could barely hear mom’s biological clock ticking. Now, he/she may pine for a larger family no longer.

T.S.S.N.B. Industries is proud to present the service for those who crave more relatives.  It’s Rent-a-Family.

Rent-a-Family comes complete with brothers and sisters of all available for squabbling in the back seat over who gets stuck in middle .Or at lawyer’s office over who gets the cottage in Cape Cod after Mom and Dad shuffle off to whatever kind of after-life fairy tale you choose to believe.

We have doting uncles and nutty brother-in-laws. Aunts who stuff dollars in your shirt pocket on your birthday as well as ones that seem to have worn their clothes a day too long. Call today and we’ll throw in a delightfully eccentric grandpa absolutely free.

Your Rent-a-Family is on 24 hour call and is available for everything from Christmas card portraits to full scale battles over the Thanksgiving turkey.

Love: Ten bucks extra.


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