The Scariest Plaything Since Grand Theft Auto.

28 Jul


“I love my little Dolly more than anything in the whole world.  More than candy or ice cream or my good ol’ dog, Buster who doesn’t live with us no more. Even more than my Uncle Benjie who used to bring me presents back from his trips in the Far East.”

“My Dolly’s name is Rupert but I call him Ru-Ru because it makes him laugh.  He’s got a funny, crazy laugh.  It sounds like rats running around in a rain barrel.”

“Ru-Ru and I do everything together. We have tea.  We go for walks. He keeps me company when I have a cold.

“And he does magic.  Though, he calls himself Ru the Awesome Terror, when he does. Like when Buster would not stop barking.  Ru-Ru turned him into a statue.  You can’t see it because it’s in the bushes.”

“Another time when Uncle Benjie forgot to bring me something back from Hong Kong, I got mad.  So, Ru-Ru sent him whizzing back there to get me something.  Now, Uncle Benjie spends all his time in the nervous hospital.”

“Today, Ru-Ru is going to get back at those big kids who always make huggy- kissy sounds when I walk by clutching him tight to my chest.  He’s sending them on a trip to some place called outer space.”


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