What, and Give Up Show Business?

29 Jul

Note: This isn’t really Marilyn Monroe’s sister.  Though, considering that Marilyn was an orphan and that this girl is old enough she has a one in a million chance to be Marilyn’s mother.

As Marilyn Monroe’s half-sister (or as her agent insisted she introduce herself, Marilyn’s sister) Denice Monroe had a better career than most actresses.  But it wasn’t even half as glamorous as M.M.’s.

A sleek town car wasn’t appearing out of the darkness with a secret service guy delivering an armload of roses. No MVP was going down on one knee to slip a rock the size of a baseball on her finger any time soon. No famous playwright was going to tag after her to the west coast like some love sick puppy. Or give her the time of day for that matter.

But she did get some nice bits as the star’s next door neighbor in a few forgettable films. People were nice to her on the set even if to only ask after sister’s health. She cut the ribbon at a few car dealerships. And she had a small but devoted fan club in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Then Marilyn died.  Under peculiar circumstances or not she was still with the angels. And that was it for Denice and show biz.

Luckily, she met and married a nice guy from Covina. Which is more than a lot of  actresses end up with.  Including Marilyn.


One Response to “What, and Give Up Show Business?”

  1. Jamie August 2, 2011 at 8:44 PM #

    Something about this pulls at my heart.

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