How to Come Up With Sure Fire Ideas Like a Hot Shot Ad Exec.

5 Aug

Two copy writers in adjoining cubicles with assorted toys and other time wasting tchotchkes around them.

“So, what the hell is this crap, again?”

“Shoe cream.”


“It’s a kind of shoe polish.”

“So, why don’t they call it that? Shoe polish is a dirty word all of a sudden.”

“I don’t know. I think it’s French.”

“Oh, yeah, I hear you. … Jeez, this is gonna take all day…”

“I hear you…”



“Okay, how about this? A guy staggers into the kitchen after a tough night.  He grabs his shoe instead of a cup and pours his morning coffee into the shoe. He adds a dollop of this shoe cream and voila his shoe is all bright and shiny to start his day?”

“That sounds like a pitch for weird cream.”

“Okay, okay I’m just warming up, here. … How’s about — a farmer staggers into the barn. He starts milking the cow but he forgot his bucket. The shoe cream comes out of the cow and accidentally makes his shoes all sparkly.”

“Nah.  What’s with all this staggering in?  Besides I grew up on a farm and if you shined those boots the hicks wear to milk in they would still look like the dog’s breakfast.”

“Okay, no more staggering.  … Got it.  We slowly pan in on five girls just in their shoes taking a shower…”

“You. Are. Good.”


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