Bill Steinkellner’s Literary Adventures: The Early Years

8 Aug

I spent my childhood in a book.

I loved the orange biographies about historical figures as kids especially the  full page silhouettes that illustrated their great moments. Who was that colonial boy skinny dipping in the nearby river, Paul Revere or Ben Franklin?

I had only a couple of strips of candy buttons and lots of pages of The Last of the Mohicans to read so I ate one button for every two pages I read. Fennimore Cooper’s stuff is a real test of a boy’s love of reading. It’s only when you grow up that you realize what a dull writer he is.

I was constantly being accused of always having my head in a book.  I couldn’t figure out why everyone else didn’t have their heads there.

It is impossible to do justice to the feeling of warmth and excitement you got when you exchanged the bitter Chicago winter for the comfort of the huge lobby of the Hild Public Library. (Second largest in the city.  How did they know I was going to move to that neighborhood when I was seven?)

What could be better than to come upon a book that you had been trying to find for months?

I would love to read The Twenty-One Balloons for the first time again.

Every one in my house grew up to be a writer.  How ’bout that?


One Response to “Bill Steinkellner’s Literary Adventures: The Early Years”

  1. linda norys hiser August 10, 2011 at 5:14 PM #

    Wow! Neat story, I was right there, in the story, as I was reading it.


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