How Talent in Show Biz Even as Big as Jerry Lewis Gets Dumped.

9 Aug

Note: For those who are curious about what a $25 postcard looks like this is one. This is Anita Page who, according to IMDB , was a renowned leading lady of the late silent era with such stars as Clark Gable and Buster Keaton. Three years ago she died at the age of 98. Her birthday was less than a week ago.  Her companion’s names in this story are fictional. The story might be true.

“I’m telling you, Waldo, we gotta do it today.”

“Okay by me, Pepper, but you drop the bomb. Include me out. I’ll meetcha at Canter’s afterwards. I’m buying.”

“Forget that noise, Walldy! You don’t get out of it with a bowl of borscht with a potato in it. If we dump her, it’s gotta be shoulder to shoulder. We both take the heat.”

“You dump her.  You got the heart for it more than me.”

“Christ on a Candlestick would you get a pair?… Oh, sorry, I forgot about that… But no way!”

“Come on, it’s not that bad.”

“It stinks on ice. We got shmaltzy American flags and fireworks faker than Donald Trump’s hair.  Anita can’t tap dance her way out of a paper bag.  I don’t know why we stuck her in the act to begin with.”

“We didn’t she found us in the pound, used her last 12 bucks to buy us tags and put us in her act.”

“Oh… then we should give her one more chance.”

“Yeah, let’s go jump real high in the air and lick her face.”

“Don’t forget the high pitched yips.”




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