The Dreams of Bill Steinkellner

10 Aug

Bill Steinkellner (to his wife after she related a weird dream she had just had) “No one is middle class in their dreams.”

I’m in a room where everyone including Ray Romano (or somebody like him) is smoking marijuana. Every time the joint comes around I pass it up. But it’s a good crowd to be in because everything I say seems to make them laugh.

I’m in a restaurant where they bring lots of food to everyone else before the food I ordered arrives.

Cheri is fixing up our oldest daughter, Kit with some boy who looks like Nicholas Cage. They seem to be getting along even though they were a little resentful at obviously being fixed up.

I look up and there is a cloud that looks sort of like a funnel forming in the sky.  Everyone points at it as it becomes dark and distinct. It is so profound that it seems like it is out of a movie.  Now, it is a rainbow funnel cloud.  But unlike a rainbow it is vertical instead of horizontal.

Aliens are invading earth.  Or possibly an army is invading. Mostly, it seems to be happening in another part of town.

A crazy lady is fighting some guy. Then she is looking for her toddler. I could see where the toddler has gone but she can’t.  I point out the toddler and the crazy lady grabs him and runs off.

Ray Romano (or somebody like him– throw a rock) is trying to impress Emma.

Then I woke up and the world was just as strange but not as colorful.

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